Grades & module certificates

Table of contents

Grades and module certificates in the LSF

Under "Leistungsstand/Bescheinigungen" in the  LSF-Portal, you can

  • View your current grades and module certificates at any time.
  • Print out certificates (enrolment and semester certificates, overall grade transcripts in German and English) free of charge as PDFs. You can submit these print outs to authorities (e.g. to the BAföG office) because the accuracy of the information can be checked using the QR code and verification address.

If you notice any irregularities in your current transcripts or semester certificates, contact your responsible team at the Student Services Office without delay.

Signed module certificates

  • If you require a personally signed module certificate, you can request this in person or by post to the responsible member of the Examinations Office. A stamped and self-addressed envelope would be appreciated. You will generally receive the requested certificate within six working days. 
  • Replacements are subject to charge and you must first submit a request by email, as you will have to pay the fees by bank transfer in advance.

Module certificates for guest listeners and guest students

Module certificates for guest listeners and guest students are issued by the lecturer.

Degree certificates and grade transcripts

The Examinations Office will produce the grade transcript, degree certificate, de-registration certificate and other graduation documents as soon as your examination panel has provided your final examination documents. You will be informed by postcard or email when the documents are ready for you to collect. You can

  • pick up the documents yourself or authorise another person to collect them for you.
  • have the documents sent to you for a fee. Please write us an email to get your documents by postal delivery.

Replacement documents are payable and can be requested by students in the Campus Management System (LSF).
HTW Berlin alumni should use the form for replacement certificates [PDF].