Final thesis

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In order to obtain permission to write your final thesis, you must

Please follow these two steps:

  • Obtain written confirmation from the primary and secondary reviewers via email (informal and without signature). If applicable, attach the proof of the academic degree of the second reviewer.
  • Combine all documents in one PDF file (file name: "Bachelor's/Master's thesis_programme_matriculation-number").

Specifics by Faculty:

  • Faculty 1: You submit your application for admission to the Student Management in the Student Services Department
  • Faculty 2
  • Faculty 3
  • Faculty 4: Use the digital registration process for admission to the thesis. Students of the study programme Business Computing please use the ticket system
  • Faculty 5: Application for admission via department administration

If only the oral examination (colloquium) is missing before successfully completing your study programme, you do not have to re-register for the new semester in the event of passing your thesis.

If you do not re-register or if you successfully complete your studies you will get de-registered from HTW Berlin you are losing your right for possessing the HTW StudentCard (HSC). The HSC has to be emptied from all credits and has to be returned immediately and evidently to the Student Services Department of the HTW Berlin, Treskowallee 8, 10318 Berlin. You will receive your final certificates only after evidently handing in your HSC.

First and second supervisors

  • You choose the person who you wish to act as the first supervisor for your final thesis. This person must be a professor at HTW Berlin.
  • The second supervisor can either be chosen by yourself or by the examination board for your study programme. As a minimum requirement, this person must hold at least the university degree for which you are currently studying. This could therefore be a qualified individual from a company, a different study programme at HTW Berlin or at a different university. External supervisors generally agree a teaching contact to supervise the thesis.

The final examination panel — first and second supervisor — is assigned by the examination board for your study programme.

Non-disclosure agreement

A non-disclosure agreement can be concluded between the supervising professor and the company, corporation, etc. within the framework of the completion of the thesis. If a non-disclosure agreement is to be concluded, we recommend using the version available for this purpose on the HTW intranet. It can be downloaded by HTW employees.


In Bachelor's degree programmes:

  • it is mandatory to fulfil the admission requirements according to your study and examinations regulation
  • special consideration will be given to modules that were registered for the examination but could not be completed due to the crisis situation.

At the beginning of the semester, the examination board for your study programme will decide

  • whether to grant you admission to write your final thesis
  • who will serve on the examination panel — comprising the first and second supervisor
  • the title of your final thesis
  • when the period of time for writing your thesis will start and finish

You will receive confirmation of this information from the faculty administration.


If requested for the purposes of disadvantage compensation for disability or any other reason, the examination board may define a longer completion period. To apply for an extension for writing your final thesis, submit the following documents to the examination board:

  • An application for extension of the completion time [PDF]. For Faculty 1: School of Engineering – Energy and Information you must submit the application for students of Faculty 1 [PDF].
  • If you are pregnant, a copy of your maternity record (Mutterpass) with the expected date of birth. The deadline is extended by the period of statutory maternity leave.
  • In the event of illness, a medical certificate from a doctor or medical officer must be presented with a precise description of the reason why you are currently unable to write your thesis and the duration of your medical
    condition. The medical certificate must be presented within three working days. A certificate of incapacity for work is not sufficient.

Changing or withdrawing the topic of your final thesis

Even if you have already been granted permission to write your final thesis, the topic can be

Re-registration during the final semester

You do not have to re-register if (exception: Public und Nonprofit-Management):

  • You have already been admitted to the thesis in the current semester and only the submission of the thesis and the final oral examination are still outstanding and the set submission deadline is in the first four weeks of the following semester.
  • the thesis has already been submitted in the current semester and only its defence within the framework of a final oral examination is still due.

Please note:

  • De-registration before submitting the thesis may have consequences for insurance issues (in particular the discontinuation of accident insurance when entering the HTW Berlin), child benefit, etc.
  • You must re-register in any case if there are other module examinations open apart from the final thesis.
  • If you do not re-register, you will automatically be de-registered at the end of the semester.



Submission of your thesis

  • No personal data (only your first name and last name) is to be shown on the cover page of your thesis. Please adhere to the guidelines according to this sample [PDF].
  • Please submit only one PDF file containing all components (cover sheet, affidavit, etc.). If the file size for your email attachments is more than 25 megabytes, please save your file in reduced size.
  • The thesis may only be submitted once and not in multiple versions.
  • Please refrain from sending paper copies or CDs. Submit additional paper copies of your work only if the exam panel asks you to do so.
  • Send your thesis only to the e-mail address of your department (FB 1:, FB 2:, FB 3:, FB 4:, FB 5:

Publication of the final thesis

HTW Berlin publishes the final theses of its students electronically in the university library in OPUS, where they can be viewed and borrowed by other library users.


Repeating your final thesis

Your thesis will be graded with a "fail" (grade 5.0) if

  • you fail to submit your thesis to the examination board on time,
  • your notification of inability to take an examination is not recognised or
  • you deliver work of inadequate content.

Can your first attempt be considered a free attempt (Freiversuch)? In the event that the first attempted final examination takes place within the standard study period and all required modules have been successfully completed in advance of this attempt, all or part of the final examination attempted shall be annulled if it is graded with “5,0”. If the final thesis is failed, the final examinations must be completed on a new topic without delay.

The Examinations Office will send you a request to submit a topic proposal for repeat theses [PDF]. You will be granted admission by the examination board.

Academic Writing

In Moodle you will find the information portal on academic writing. The learning centre offers support in the form of writing coaching and an open writing group.