Part-time study

Degree programmes at HTW Berlin are generally full-time. However, circumstances may arise that prevent you from completing the full semester programme. You can then choose part-time enrolment, i.e. attend fewer courses per semester and thus extend the full-time degree programme. Part-time study makes it possible to combine study and work or study and family. In individual cases, part-time study can also be an alternative to full-time study for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses.

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What exactly does “part-time study” mean?

  • Periods of study that you complete part-time count towards the standard period of study.
  • Part-time semesters count as full university semesters and half semesters.
  • You pay the semester fee in full.
  • Exemption from the semester ticket due to part-time study is not possible. Information on the reasons for exemption from the semester ticket can be found on the Students’ Union (AStA) website.

What is the difference between a part-time degree programme and a part-time degree programme with an employment component?

In the part-time programme, the number of courses is reduced, but the lecture times remain unaffected. In contrast, the lecture times of part-time degree programmes with an employment component are adapted to the students' working lives and tend to take place in the evenings or at weekends. However, a connection between work and study is not mandatory.

How can you apply for a part-time study programme?

First of all, inform yourselves about part-time study and its implications by consulting the student counselling service. They will also help you to decide whether this is the right decision for you and suits your personal situation. Please send the application form from the LSF by email from your HTW account to the Student Service Centre by the stipulated deadline. When applying for part-time study, it is unnecessary to state a reason.

How long can you study part-time?

If you no longer wish to study part-time, please send an email confirmation of your cancellation from your HTW account to the Student Service Centre by the stipulated deadline. You can also find the corresponding form in the LSF.

How does the part-time study programme work?

  • During the part-time programme, you put together your own study plan. If you have any questions about enrolment, please contact your faculty administration office. 
  • The existing teaching and support services are available for use during part-time studies. However, no entitlement to a special part-time study curriculum exists. Please contact the relevant student advisory service for your degree programme to discuss the timetable for your part-time studies.
  • You can also complete the final semester on a part-time basis. However, part-time study has no effect on the length of time taken to complete examinations, especially theses.

What are the implications of switching to part-time study?

Switching to part-time study may have a significant impact on the financial benefits you receive from non-university organisations, including BAföG, child benefit and housing entitlements. There may also be consequences with regard to taxes, health insurance and other issues.

  • Part-time students are not eligible for BAföG
  • When the BAföG entitlement ceases, there is a basic entitlement to housing benefit.
  • In special circumstances, part-time students may be able to receive citizen’s allowance if all other requirements are met.
  • The compatibility of part-time study with scholarships and student loans must be clarified on an individual basis.
  • Students with a “residence permit for study purposes” should contact the State Office for Immigration or Gernot Welschhoff (International Degree-Seeking Students) in advance.

Please clarify the implications of part-time study for the specified benefits with the relevant office. The social counselling service at StudierendenWERK Berlin provides detailed and individual advice on issues relating to student finance and living expenses.

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