Repeating an examination

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Module examinations failed

The modules in Bachelor’s and Master’s study programmes are subject to examination. Some modules consist of several units, which are each completed with their own examination. The units are weighted with a percentage and are combined together to form the module grade. A module examination is considered to be failed if

  • you have not received the grade of at least "sufficient" (grade 4.0) or "pass" or  
  • the weighted average of the unit grades does not amount to a minimum grade of 4.0.

Repeating an examination

You can repeat an examination

  • in the second examination period in the same semester or
  • at the latest within the repeatability period.

An examination can no longer be repeated if

  • you have passed the examination or
  • you have already repeated it twice.

Observe the repeatability period

  • The repeatability period beings with the semester in which you registered for the module for the first time. If you have not passed an examination, you still have the two following semesters to repeat the examination. Exception: For the Facility Management study programme a repeatability period of three semesters applies.
  • The repeatability period is extended by
    • external leave semesters,
    • semesters in which the module is not offered,
    • internship phases outside of the university amounting to at least 15 credits or 11 weeks,
    • semesters abroad,
    • times during which you are not enrolled.
  • If the repeatability period has expired, the module considered to have been irrevocably failed. If the irrevocably failed module is  
    • a compulsory module, you cannot continue this study programme at HTW Berlin.
    • an elective module, you will be offered the possibility just once to complete a different module instead.

Registering to repeat an examination

For repeat examinations the same rules apply as for other examinations. You must register for the examination.  

  • If you failed to register for an examination during the first registration period or did not attend or pass an examination in the first examination period, you must register yourself to repeat the examination in the second examination period or within the next two semesters.
  • If you did not attend or pass an examination in the second examination period, you must take the module once again in the following semesters and register for the examination in order to be able to repeat the examination.

Repeating examinations for distance-learning study programmes

You are automatically registered for the first and second examination period for all modules that you are taking. If you did not pass the examination in the second period either, you must take the module again. Any existing examination components, e.g. coursework and assignments, cannot be transferred to the new semester. If you re-take a module, you must also complete these examination components again. The repeatability period also applies for distance-learning study programmes.