Help and advice during Corona

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Who can help me?

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Things are not going so well with my studies at the moment. Who can I turn to?

The Student Advisory Service provides answers to questions about studying. They also offer advice on learning difficulties and social problems.

The Corona situation is putting a lot of strain on me. Where can I find help?

The Psychological Counselling Service   has compiled helpful information on its website. You can also make an appointment for counselling. You can find further offers at the Psychological Counselling Service of the studierendenWERK Berlin.

Where can I find information about BAföG, jobs and financing my studies?

The most important questions about BAföG, jobs and finsncing your studies are answered by the studierendenWERK Berlin in its FAQ. 

The BMBF provides bridging assistance for students in pandemic emergencies. This includes two elements: the KfW student loan and grants that are distributed through the student unions.

According to the BMBF, BAfö funding will continue to be paid to the same extent as before. Students will continue to receive BAföG even in the event of university closures or entry bans to other countries. Even first-year students whose semester start is delayed due to the pandemic will receive their BAföG as if the attendance lectures had started at the originally scheduled time. As soon as online courses are available at HTW Berlin in order to maintain teaching, participation in these online courses is obligatory in terms of the funding requirements.

I have problems paying the semester fee. What can I do?

We take the financial burden of students very seriously.

If you are having difficulty paying your semester fees on time, please contact Student Services.

You can find a breakdown of the fees here. The semester ticket fee is charged on the basis of a contract between the student body and the BVG.

I don't have a proper laptop / I don't have the right technical equipment. What can I do?

If you don't have the right technical equipment, please contact your degree programme or the Dean's Office. If necessary, you can obtain access to selected PC pools.

I need an FFP2 mask. Where can I get one on campus?

Students can exceptionally get a free FFP2 mask at the guard station if needed. The masks come from a donation. HTW Berlin would like to thank the donor, an alumnus of our university, very much! This arrangement is valid while supplies last and is intended to relieve students in particular who have financial worries due to the Corona situation.

I belong to a risk group and / or study with a health impairment or disability. What support do I get from my university and where can I get advice?

The Corona crisis may bring with it completely new problems and difficult situations for you. The university will support you to complete your studies nevertheless, in particular by granting you compensation for isadvantages if necessary. If you have any questions or need support, please contact Diana Wlodarczak, Beauftragte für behinderte und chronisch kranke Studierende der HTW Berlin.

How does the university support me with childcare?

Do you need support, for example, for the duration of an exam or before submitting a thesis? HTW Berlin sees itself as a family-friendly university, and the Family Office will support you with Avarious childcare options if needed. The voiio-assist childcare offers you the possibility to use your already known and trusted private babysitting in case of an emergency. Please send an e-mail to

How does the university accommodate my double burden when I study with a child and/or care for relatives?

You have the possibility to apply for alternative examinations (disadvantage compensation) as well as extended processing times for final theses.

All lecturers are asked to make records available, especially to students who are in special life situations and would otherwise be restricted in their learning progress. If necessary, it is possible to provide the link to the recordings individually.

What do I do if I have to pull the emergency brake for a while because I can't manage my studies due to family responsibilities?

You have the option of applying for part-time study or interrupting your studies.

I am pregnant or breastfeeding. What should I bear in mind?

The regulations of the Maternity Protection Act apply to you.

What is a disadvantage compensation and what do I currently have to consider?

Students who, for reasons beyond their control (e.g. chronic illnesses, caring responsibilities, disabilities), are unable to take module examinations in whole or in part in the prescribed form, can apply for disadvantage compensation. The disadvantage compensation is decided on depending on the individual case, e.g. the processing time can be extended appropriately, additional work and aids can be allowed or special break times can be granted during an examination.

What can I do if I do not agree with decisions, for example, regarding compensation for a disadvantage? Who can I turn to?

In the event of a conflict, the responsible persons will try to find an amicable solution in your interest: