Changing study programme

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Different study programme, same university

You are already enrolled at HTW Berlin and wish to change to another HTW study programme? Apply online by the standard application deadline. Please note that the exams that you have passed, failed and also non-attendances in exams will be taken into consideration and that there can be a shortage of seats within the new study programme according to the semester you are designated for.

Which documents are required?

Only submit the documents that are additionally necessary for the new study programme, e.g. a pre-internship testimonial, proof of language proficiency or brief descriptions of the module content of your previous study programme. These documents must be submitted by the application deadline. The module content can be found — depending on the study programme —

  • in the module database in LSF or
  • in the module handbook on the study programme website (under the menu item “Ordnungen”/ Study Regulations) or
  • in the course overview if the modules for the study programme are not published in the module database or module handbook.

Who can advise me?

Contact the study programme advisor of your chosen study programme in plenty of time before the application deadline to find out

  • which module descriptions from your previous study programme you need to submit,
  • which of your previous modules can be accredited
  • in which subject semester you will be placed.

Do I have an advantage because I am already studying at HTW?

You only have an advantage if you have already accumulated credits for your chosen study programme and are therefore able to apply for a higher subject semester. If you change study programmes within the faculty, it is often easier for modules to be accredited, the passed and the failed ones.

Please note that even if you have already received the admission for the new study programme the admission can be retracted if exams from your old study programme which are relevant for your new study programme were irrevocably failed in the meanwhile (whether the repeatability period has expired or by failing the 3rd attempt).

Detailed information about accreditation of previous examinations can be found on this page

How can I use the time of changing study programmes efficiently?

  • After consulting the study programme advisor of the study programme you want to change to it will become clear which exams will be accredited. Therefore it can be of advantage to finish some exams of your current study programme, bearing the repeatablity period in mind.
  • If you have the accomplished 20 credits, you might be granted admission for the second or a higher subject semester of your new study programme if free study places are available. Regardless whether you are applying for a higher subject semester or not, it will be assessed which modules can be accredited from your first study programme, the positive and neagative ones.